Skill Creations, Inc. COVID-19 Response: SCI takes seriously the threat of COVID-19 and has put into practice many policies and procedures to help keep safe the individuals we serve and well as those who serve them.  For more information, please click on this link to read more about our efforts.  Remember, wear a mask when distancing isn't possible, wash your hands often, and stay 6 feet apart from others.  By everyone doing their part, we can get through this together. 

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We have arranged with Goshen to begin testing our staff regularly for COVID-19.  We will begin with them completing this every other week at all facilities (they do not have to have symptoms).  If any staff tests positive, we will immediately test clients in that facility.  Goshen hopes to have the 15 minute testing up and running by next week.  We are also going to offer one time testing for anyone at our Ash St. or Corporate offices in Goldsboro.  Once we are back in the office on a regular basis, testing will also be on a regualr basis for those office staff.  At this time, the testing is only for those in Eastern NC who are associated with a faciltiy or an office.  Periodics staff are not included in this round of testing.  We are working to set up an arrangement for testing of Periodics staff on both sides of the state, but this is still in the works.  We will update everyone as soon as that partnership is finalized.  



The NC Department of Health and Human Services has assisted by putting forth many guidelines that we have followed.  We are limiting anyone who comes into our facilities and offices to employees and those essential to keeping the buildings running properly.  Anyone entering the facility is screened including a temperature check.  We have stocked facilities and offices with hand and surface sanitizer and all staff are being issued masks this week and the beginning of next week to wear while on duty to further protect your loved one.   We are staggering meal times to help with practicing social distancing. Additionally, our day program operations have temporarily ceased.   
We will continue to focus our attention to providing the best care that we possibly can for your loved one.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Facility or Office Director at any time. 



Skill Creations Inc. continues to be committed to the care of the individuals that we serve.  At this time we have limited all traffic in and out of our facilities to only what is urgent and necessary.  We continue to screen all staff and anyone coming in and out of buildings.  Our staff are working to provide activities in the facilities and keep your loved ones safe and healthy. We are so thankful for our staff who all truly care about those they are serving. If you have any questions about COVID-19 or a question regarding your loved one, please feel free to call and speak to an administrator at your facility.


At Skill Creations Inc., we continue to follow the news , recommendations and guidelines for COVID-19 for all of our Divisions (ICF, Community Operations and Child Development).  After today (Friday March 20, 2020) all of our ICF and Community Operations Day Programs will be closed.  Flexibilities for Innovations Waiver recipients are in place so that Day Supports and Community Networking can be provided in homes so that those we serve can continue to receive care and support.  There are flexibilities for other services and regulations for Innovations Waiver recipients as well.  If you have a concern or would like further information on I- Waiver Flexibilities, please contact your QP.


Our number one goal at Skill Creations Inc. is the health, safety and wellbeing of those that we serve.  We have taken many steps in planning for the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We have a COVID-19 Planning Team that is led by our Chief Medical Professionals. We have developed COVID-19 Response Plans for all of our services and we are implementing those step by step.  Our administration is a part of daily meetings and updates with state associations and state officials to stay current with the moment to moment changes.

We are also closely following the recommendations of the CDC and the recommendations and Executive Orders that have been provided by the state of North Carolina.  Our employees are taking additional infection control training and they are self-screening their health daily before entering a facility, office or working with anyone we serve.  Daily memos are being given to all staff with updates and implementation of new guidelines and rules as they are developed.  We are limiting all outside contact as much as has been recommended for our settings at this time.  We are making many temporary changes in order to limit exposure while still trying to allow as much independence and regular daily routine as possible.

We will continue to post periodic updates on our website as we have new information so please check back every few days!

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